Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Top Ten iTunes Workout Playlist

Keep some spring in your step as we move away from those cold, winter months. These jams are sure to save your workout on a tired morning, or push you to sprint when you didn’t think you had it in you. That’s why once again I’ve gotten together with some of my hottest, Hollywood exercise friends Keith Irace SoCal group Exercise Manager and Liz Marmesh, Top Personal Trainer in Century City, CA at Equinox Fitness Club to create the perfect Top 10 Hottest Workout iTunes Playlist for you.

We're also giving you a couple old skool tunes with songs by U2, as they recently dropped their new cd, No Line On the Horizon. Use all 10 songs in this order to get you through a 35+-minute uphill walk, interval workout on the elliptical, or a circuit training session—so get out there and move!

1. By my Side—JadaKiss & Ne-Yo (3:30)

2. Amazing—Kanye West (3:58)
3. One—U2 (4:36)
4. Beat It—Fall Out Boy (Feat. John Mayer) (3:53)

5. Beautiful Day—U2 (4:08)
6. Ching A Ling—Missy Elliott (3:43)
7. Poker Face—Lady Gaga (3:57)
8. Day ‘N’ Nite (Crooker’s Remix)—Kid Cudi (4:42)
9. Get On Your Boots—U2 (3:25)
10. Halo—Beyonce (4:21)

A great workout tune tempo should be between 120 and 140 bpm, which roughly corresponds to the average person’s heart rate during a workout routine. A beginning walker’s bpm should be between 110 to 114 bpm, intermediate below 120, and advanced walker/jogger up to 150 bpm.

If you want to be guaranteed a consistent beat, I love downloading pre-mixed Digital Fitness Music album compiled by the fitness pros at Dynamix or iSweat. Both offer hundreds of Digital Fitness Music Albums available in 30, 45 or 60 minute workouts.

Each Dynamix music album offers a variety of music styles including dance, disco, country, rock, with well-known popular songs, in various speeds for different fitness levels. The music plays non-stop on your iPod or MP3. Each album is pre-programmed to keep you on pace to achieve your cardio or strength workout goals. (Yes, this means no cheating since the music speed keeps you going!)

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