Sunday, April 22, 2012

LA Times 5 Star Review of Core Transformer by Roy Wallack

Met up with well-respected Roy Wallack, LA Times fitness gear GURU, at the recent 2012 IHRSA Fitness Convention to pitch him about the Core Transformer Kits--both 1,000 Calorie BURN and Fat BURN Fusion (my favorite as it's a core fusion workout featuring some of my favorite athlete's performance, Pilate's blended integrative movement progression sequences). Soooo, when he called me last week to let me know that the Core Transformer Kits (and for a limited time, you get FREE shipping on the Fat BURN Fusion Kit) were going to be reviewed I was both elated and sweating buckets–not bullets--all at once. That's because as a long-time subscriber to the LA Times and loyal fan of Roy’s fitness gear and gadgets reviews, I know his reputation of being a tough, no bars hold kind of reporter. This meant getting reviewed by Roy was a “be careful what you wish for” scenario. In other words, being reviewed would highlight the great, good, bad and down-right frightening.

However, great news! The Core Transformer received positive marks all the way around with Dislikes: NONE. A  M  A  Z  I  N  G:)!!! Here is the LA Times Gear: Resistance Core Workouts review below:

Gear: Resistance cord workouts core and more Core Transformer: A long rubber stretch cord with built-in handles and foot straps that provides resistance through every movement. Designed by veteran L.A. trainer-to-the-stars Linda LaRue, RN MEd, ATC.
Likes: Easy, but exhausting workouts. Crossing the cords in an X with your hands and feet in the straps forces you to engage every plane of motion, getting significant resistance through a variety of floor exercises — invisible ball throws, starfish squats, cross-country skiing, figure-eights, boxing, etc. Workouts conclude with mat exercises and stretching. Simple, effective and inexpensive, it weighs about 7 ounces and fits into a sock. The DVD includes 30- and 15-minute workouts.
Dislikes: None.

Price: Core Transformer 1,000 BURN Kit and Core Transformer Fat BURN Fusion Kit MSRP $34.95. (310) 890-3305;

LA Times Review Core Transformer Roy Wallack. Gear: Resistance Cord Workouts