Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Weigh-In: Are Weekends Wrecking Your Weight Loss Goals?

Hey All-Last week I was really feeling great having lost a couple of those holiday, food-fest pounds.  Then, the weekend hit, and I regained the weight I had lost--UURRggghhhh!  I decided to post an article below featured on this month's free Make Healthy A Lifestyle health club.  I am going to stick to weeks 3 thru 8 of my SOUPer Slim ebook 8 Week Weight Loss Guide, which you can purchase at  (It really jump-starts your weight loss and metabolism too).  I am also going to do 2x10 minute Crunchless workouts every day this week.  Here is the article below:

Are Weekends Wreaking Your Weight Loss Goals?

A recent study published in Obesity (2008; published online ahead of print July 1) found that weekends tend to be a time for excessive food consumption and reduced physical activity. Subjects included 48 adults aged 50-60 who were asked to keep a food and exercise journal for one year.

During the study, authors determined that a daily Caloric increase of 36% occurred on Saturdays, and that participants seemed unaware of the increased calorie hike. Authors also found that participants physical activity significantly decreased on Sundays compared to weekdays. The data gathered revealed this food and exercise pattern potentially contributed to a weight gain (instead of weight loss) of approximately 12 to 14 pounds per year!

“It was surprising how consistent the findings were,” stated lead author Susan B. Racette, PhD, in a press release. “We were surprised by the dramatic way in which weekends continued to slow those folks [who were actively] trying to lose weight throughout the course of the study.”

If your goal is to maintain or lose weight, I recommend taking a longer power walk using 2 pound dumb bells on one or both of your weekend days since you have more free time because you are not working. If you do decide to indulge and overeat on Saturday then, walk both days.

Have a great Monday,


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas All. Let's Laugh and Workout Our Abs Too:)!

Hey Everyone,

Wanted to share a couple of my favorite YouTube funny holiday videos, that will hopefully give you a couple gut-belly laughs, and workout your abs too as laughing is a great core exercise:)!

Otherwise, my best-ever, green holiday gift recommendation is to adopt a pet at your local animal shelter.  One of my BFF's did this last week.  Many folks due to the recession are losing their homes and, subsequently, dropping off their pets at the local shelters.  I have two, big fuzzies (cats), Bernie and Sophie, that I adopted years ago.  My nickname for them in Chaos and Mayhem.

Happy Holidays Everyone,


Friday, December 19, 2008

Linda LaRue Crunchless Abs Target All The Core Muscles for Katie! No reason anymore to do endless sit-ups for the abs. With Linda LaRue’s Crunchless Abs, ab workout dvds, you exercise the twelve muscles that make up the core abs. Sit-ups and crunches only work two of the muscles. They don’t target the core abs, Linda LaRue’s Crunchless Abs actually target all the core muscles in the abdominal area so there is no reason to do endless crunches anymore. With LaRue’s system you get and build more muscles and less fat.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crunchless Abs by Linda LaRue Works for Sophie

I just received a lovely holiday greeting from Sophie, a Crunchless Abs fan.  Since Sophie's been working out to my Crunchless Abs, ab videos and following my SOUPer Slim Diet, she's lost 23 pounds and dropped nearly 3 dress sizes.  Plus, she's even practicing my Crunchless Abs Set Up in the car while she's driving her kids to school in the morning.  Keep up the great effort Sophie!

Plz. let me know your Crunchless Abs and weight loss success stories by emailing me at  Let's begin banishing your lower belly pooch sag today.  Time to get trim and tone your core.  The New Year is right around the corner.  Also, check out and join on my free, monthly newsletter and club, "Make Healthy A Lifestyle" that is filled with more Crunchless Abs training tips, weight loss recipes, and articles that will help you get fit and finally stay fit. 

Top Trainer Tips: Top 10 Hottest Workout Playlist

I thought I’d put together an awesome workout playlist for you as an early kick-start to New Year’s fitness resolution solution as part of my new article series, Top Trainer Tips. Nothing makes your energy sore more when you are working out, than listening to a hot music playlist. That’s why I gotten together with some of my hottest, LA group exercise friends such as Keith Irace, SoCal Group Manager and Stephanie Vitorino, Woodland Hills Group Manager of Equinox, to create the perfect Top 10 Hottest Workout Playlist for you. This Top 10 Playlist should get you through a complete workout. Lace up your Nike’s, grab a bottle of water (using a recyclable container), your iPod or MP3, and get moving!

Top 10 Hottest Music Workout Playlist

1. Clocks by Coldplay time: 5:07
2. Little Bit of Feel Good by Jamie Lidell time: 4:02
3. Misery Business by Paramore time: 3:31
4. Mercy (remix feat The Game) by Duffy time: 3:29
5. Honky Tonk Woman by The Rolling Stones time: 2:59
6. Push It by Salt-n-Pepa time: 4:16
7. Shake It by Metro Station time: 2:59
8. P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) by Michael Jackson time: 3:58
9. It’s a New Day by Will.I.Am time: 3:40
10. Everybody’s a Star by Robin Thicke time: 2:55
11. Cool Down—(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin time: 2:48

One of the most important elements to a great workout tune is tempo or beats per minute (bpm). The bpm should be between 120 and 140 bpm, which roughly corresponds to the average person’s heart rate during a workout routine. For example a beginner walker’s bpm should be between 110 to 114 bpm, intermediate below 120, and advanced walker/jogger up to 150 bpm.

If you want to be guaranteed a consistent beat, I love downloading pre-mixed Digital Fitness Music album compiled by the fitness pros at or www.iSweat Both offer hundreds of Digital Fitness Music Albums available in 30, 45 or 60 minute workouts. Each music album offers a variety of music styles including dance, disco, country, rock, with well-known popular songs, in various speeds for different fitness levels. The music plays non-stop on your iPod or MP3. Each album is pre-programmed to keep you on pace to achieve your cardio or strength workout goals. (Yes, this means no cheating since the music speed keeps you going!)


Monday, December 15, 2008

Are You Ready to Get Fit and Finally Stay Fit This New Year? Join

Every time this year I hear the same complaint from folks about losing and gaining the same 10 to 20 pounds. FYI the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior and expecting a different outcome. I decided to create and dedicate January’s "Make Healthy A Lifestyle" newsletter at with articles I’ve written that will help you get fit and finally stay fit forever. It’s really easier than you think—you just need to make a simple game plan, then, commit to succeed (and join my free Make Healthy club's monthly newsletter).

Did you know the top two workout wishes are (1) to get great, 6-pack abs, and (2) to lose weight? My New Year’s transformation 6-pack abs and weight loss resolution solution is Crunchless Abs, ab videos featuring my SOUPer Slim Diet. I especially love my new Crunchless Ab, ab videos using a soft, mini-gel weighted ball. The moves really target your deep inner abs, core muscles, and obliques or side abdominal wall muscles. (It’s what I call Cardio-Core Sculpting.) You’ll get great, sculpted abs with my ab workout videos, and you’ll have fun too! Plus, my SOUPer Slim Diet booklet will help you begin eating more healthfully.

Don’t forget to blog me here with your comments, and read my posts on Dr. Deepak Chopra and Mallika Chopra’s new, mind-body blog community site,

Have a healthy and happy New Year,


*If you need more help and focus to commit, please consider booking a 1:1 personal training and/or nutrition session with me in-person or by phone by contacting me online at or emailing me at  (Sometimes a little extra personal attention and help is all you need to succeed.)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Monday, What's Your Weight? Are You Like Oprah?

It’s Monday. My question to you again during these food-fest eating holidays is, “What is your weight”? Have you gained more than 2 pounds last week or like Oprah, gained significantly more over this past year? Are you a yo-yo dieter?

Last week Oprah made a courageous, personal statement about her ballooning weight gain over the past year. She is like many of us, an emotional eater. Her addition is food. She took her focus off her health. Oprah let her unhealthy emotions dictate her lifestyle choices including how much and what she ate, while letting her exercise routine slide. Her statement about getting back into shape and losing weight by focusing on her self-care is a healthy attitude to develop, because health care is about making your self-care first. It’s why my free online health club at is entitled, “Make Healthy A Lifestyle”. My mantra has been to my clients and myself that, “Health care is self-care first”, (especially us women who tend to put are loved one’s needs along with our jobs before ourselves).

So I am asking you again this Monday during these eating, food-fest holidays is, "What’s your weight"? If you have gained weight, time to redirect your focus and attention onto you—meaning your health. Lace up your Nike’s, do your Crunchless Abs, watch what you eat including your portions, and truly commit to “Making Healthy A Lifestyle”. It will be the most precious holiday and New Year’s gift you’ll give yourself and your loved ones too.

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Monday. What's Your Weight?

Every Monday during the holiday, food-fest eating season, I ask my clients this question.  I advise and coach my clients to weigh themselves on Monday, because it comes right after the weekend when they are more apt to, "eat, drink, be merry, and overindulge".

If you have gained more than 2 pounds over the weekend, then, time to lace up your Nike's, and up your workout's--especially cardio-core.  Skip bigger food portions, desserts, carbs, and alcohol until you get back down to your comfortable, goal weight.

This month think of me as your personal trainer.  What do you weigh today?  If you haven't weighed yourself yet, then, hurry up and go get on the scale now;)!

Make sure to email me at to let me know how you are surviving the holidays.


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Are Your Workouts Working Out for You?

One of the most frequent complaints I hear is that, "My workouts are not working out for me.  I can't seem to lose that last 10 to 20 pounds, and if I do, I quickly gain it back."  So I've decided to develop my Top 10 Home Workout Videos List along with my top recommendations for a few, inexpensive, but versatile and effective pieces of equipment that will give you the best chance to get fit and stay fit.  (I will tell you that my position has always been that fitness fads and gimmicky exercise products usually get pretty poor results and may cause athletic injuries--so save your money and maybe your body, especially your back).

I'd like you to email me at to let me know what are your favorite fitness videos and exercise tools that have gotten and kept you fit.  What has produced lasting results, and what products have not achieved lasting results?  (I'm talking fitness not diets, which may come in a later top recommended blog list).  If Crunchless Abs featuring my SOUPer Slim Meal Plan is a favorite of yours, then, many thanks as this is mine too;)!