Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012 IHRSA Fitness Convention Highlights

Chris Poirier, Todd Durkin & Linda LaRue IHRSA 2012
Officially attended my first IHRSA Fitness Convention held in LA. Wanted to share a few highlights from the show including the good news is that the Core Transformer speciality bands and workout DVDs are now being carried by Perform Better and featured in their Group Fitness Catalog.

LA Times Fitness Writer, Roy Wallack & Linda LaRue, IHRSA 2012
Move Strong Multi-Station Gym-It Kicked Butt!
Took loads of meetings with potential clubs for distribution within their Group Visited with Todd Durkin (who loves the Core Transformer bands). Demoed the bands along with our choreography, which we call movement progression sequences to NASM, and got to meet up with one of my favorite fitness writers EVER, Roy Wallack, who covers the fitness gear and gadgets for the LA Times Fitness section.

Mike Fantigrassi of NASM & Linda LaRue IHRSA 2012
Did see a lot of repetition or sadly put another way—knock-offs of TRX suspension training and Power Plate. I guess the good news is that they’re a hit and the bad news is that they’re a hit. I did see a couple multi-station performance gyms, such as the Move Strong unit at the Perform Better booth. Really how it was a great all-in-one total body training system to get-it-in and get-it-done. If I owned a gym, I'd earnestly consider placing it within my club.

Linda LaRue, Gay Gasper & Brian Nguyen IHRSA 2012
Finally, I am truly, truly happy and grateful to now be carried and part of the superb Perform Better Group Exercise team lead by Gay Gasper. 

Bottom line: Small steps forward.