Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crunchless Abs Wins Prestigious 2008 Jordan Whitney Award

Wow!  Just found out from the folks at Savvier that the Crunchless Abs short form commercial spot I line produced including being lead talent and casting all talent, won the prestigious 2008 Jordan Whitney award for best use of testimonials. 


The Full Story
Short-form marketers continued to impress us in 2008 with their creativity and imagination. The challenge of short-form is to provide sufficient information in a clear and concise manner to convincingly promote a product in just 120, 60 or 30 seconds without cluttering the screen or confusing the viewer. The list below contains our selections for those that accomplished that task with great style and admirable effectiveness.

Best Short-Form Production of the Year — Snuggie – Allstar/Blue Moon

Best Short-Form Demonstration — Pet Zoom - Emson

Best Short-Form Direct Offer — Wonder Hanger - Hampton Direct

Best Short-Form Beauty Presentation – Spinlash – Akasha /Blue Moon

Best Short-Form Electronic Presentation – Magicjack – Magicjack

Best Short-Form Fitness Presentation – Iron Gym – Ontel Products

Best Short-Form Hardware Presentation — Point ‘n Paint - Point ‘n Paint/Sullivan

Best Short-Form Housewares Presentation — Steam Buddy – Legacy Products/Sullivan

Best Short-Form Personal Care Presentation — Smooth Away - Ideavillage

Best Weight Loss Presentation – Slim Shots – Ideavillage

Best Short-Form Direction — Get A Grip - Telebrands

Best Short-Form Writing — Titan Peeler – Tristar Products

Best Branded Short-Form Presentation — Ivory Snow – Procter & Gamble/SMW

Best Use of Short-Form Testimonials - Crunchless Abs – Savvier

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