Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Issue of Make Healthy A Lifestyle is Here!

How to Win the Winter Weight Gain War

How did summer fly by so fast? Seems just yesterday I was asking my friend from Yang Farms at my local farmer’s market when he would be selling summer heirloom tomatoes. Now I’m seeing vibrant yellow, orange, and green squash varieties when I hit the market stands. But, let’s get back to message. That is how to effectively keep from once again gaining those 5-10 pounds around your mid-section (even tho' ur doing ur Crunchless Abs workouts) and hips over the “eating holiday’s” season.

That’s why I’ve provided more than a few simple and smart strategies to help keep your workouts and eating on-track for maintaining (or even losing), instead of gaining weight this fall thru winter. When it’s cold outside and the weather is bad, how about a challenging workout in your living room with my friend, Stephanie Vitorino’s new DVD,
The Ultimate Body Shaper? AND, I am now selling my new CORE TRANSFORMER®, which is the next evolution of Crunchless Abs and Total Body Training too. I’ve shot more than a few spots in the Move-of-The-Month section that are designed to create an awesome total body workout beginning first and always working your core from the inside out—or 3-Dimensionally.

For most everyone I know including me, gaining weight is much scarier than Halloween, so keep eating healthfully and moving instead of hibernating and gaining weight this season.



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