Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February Make Healthy A Lifestyle 2010 Issue: How to Beat the February Blues & Belly Bulge

My Linda LaRue's health, fitness, and diet February Make Healthy A Lifestyle Issue: "How to Beat the February Blues & Belly Bulge is here. Check it out

Seemingly unending long, cold, dark nights and short, dreary days void of summer sunshine cause many folks including me to suffer from depression and lethargy. This oftentimes leads to winter weight gain, which generally causes further depression. The medical term for our condition is called Seasonal Affective Disorder or S.A.D. For most of us who suffer from SAD, February is the worst month regarding our symptoms. Experts say it’s due to post-Christmas/New Year letdown, and an accumulation of the all-consuming winter darkness. That’s why this edition of Make Healthy A Lifestyle is about what SAD is, and how to cope with this disorder—along with “how to” combat the side effects, such as winter weight gain.

One of the best mood elevators is cardiovascular exercise. That’s why I’ve asked my friend top trainer Christopher Ross Lane who is Valerie Bertinelli’s trainer, to teach us how to begin a running routine. Christopher recently got Val to begin a running routine. In fact she’s running her first marathon (the Boston) this spring at the age of 50. How super awesome is that!?!

If it’s cold outside and you’d rather workout inside, then my #1 recommendation is to buy my total body cardio CORE TRANSFORMER exercise tube. It’s the perfect, happy endorphin, mood boosting living room workout that will also rev up your metabolism to melt off your depressing winter weight. Bottom line: Feeling fit feels good.

So get up, get moving, and start feeling happier:)!


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