Thursday, May 8, 2008

There is Life After Bad Choices.

I have a group of lovely and amazing women friends, some I have know a short while and some I have known for ages, that I collectively, protectively, and selectively call “my Sista’s” because we support and lift each other up through the spectrum of life. Good through bad, we’re there for each other. I am truly blessed and constantly grateful to have these precious women in my life.

The other day a new Sista’, Karen, and I were sharing about a great big past opps we both made that cost us heartache, pain, time, and money. Now that’s the bad news. In the middle of our conversation she gut-belly laughed and said to me, “You know Linda there is life after bad choices.” Wow, that really hit me--stopping that negative monkey brain thought process I sometimes go through that always leads me down that dark, rabbit hole to no good. When I heard her words they hit me like a lightening bolt, lighting up the darkness in my heart and soul.  Afterwards, I was finally able to forgive myself for making a very bad choice and move forward with my life, which is the great news.

There is life after bad choices. If you happen to make a bad choice, I invite you to go though the process of understanding why and what motivated and compelled you, like me, to make that bad choice. Then, try to forgive yourself, let it be, and move onward trying to keep positive because that’s what leads to successful outcomes in life.
Like Karen said, “There is life after bad choices.” I hope that shines a little white light helping you to keep positive and make
only good choices in your life including surrounding yourself with people who support you and have your best interest at heart. BTW, after this confluence of a bad choice (and now miracle as I have a new Sista’, Karen--more great news), I’m back on track trying to make good, healthy choices again and thinking good thoughts.

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