Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hey All my new website, is Here!

I am so happy to announce that my new Health and Fit Biz site,, is finally launched!  Whew, feel like I should write a one page report entitled, “What I Did This Spring and Summer.”

I invite you to check out my new site  I’ve posted a few before and after pics of folks who have had success following my Crunchless Abs workouts and SOUPer Slim Diet Plan.

Most folks in our test group lost an average of 7 to 8 inches from their waist in 8 weeks!  Talk about going from Fattie to Fittie!  No one starved, we all had fun, and saved money too as my farmer’s market soups are only pennies per cup to make.  I carefully created this diet because I hated most of the popular diets today featuring weird expensive foods which taste like cardboard, and do NOT fill me up—so I always starve.  Plus, with gas being close to $4 dollars a gallon and the economy in a recession, I like a diet plan that saves you money while you lose weight safely.  Now that makes me happy and I hope you too.  Hey, isn’t life is complicated and expensive enough? These days I am seeking happy, souper simple solutions.  

*Great diets get the best results along with effective workout routines.  Order my Crunchless Abs® workout DVDs today at or call 800-231-5785, and start weaving a beautiful, new abdominal girdle that will pull your mid-section in tight and flat forever.

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