Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Energize Your Walk with a FREE Non-Stop Walking Mix!

If you haven’t heard, thousands of bodies are moving to a new workout music podcast called Motion Traxx. It features high-energy, non-stop dance mixes that are set at different Beats-per-Minute. The faster pace makes it great for cardio. Its producer, Deekron ‘The Fitness DJ’ recently created an episode that’s set at an ideal pace for your walks. It also happens to be FREE.

You’ll have fun on your walks with this non-stop, hour-long walking mix called “Walker’s Delight”. It is available free when you sign up for the Motion Traxx workout music podcast.

The mix is set at 120 – 130 Beats-per-Minute, which is a good pace for your walks. According to Deekron ‘The Fitness DJ’, producer of Motion Traxx, “The mix is very groovy and uplifting. It features House music tinged with Jazz, Gospel, and Disco flavors.”

Walker’s Delight Playlist
1. A New Day by Black Liquid – House Sound of LA (120)
2. Nico’s Trumpet by ARA – Para Disco (120)
3. Jazzy Hooligan by Thierry Thomas – Open Bar Music (121)
4. Sax Machine feat. Mad Sax (Smooth Mix) by ATM – Sunshine Records (122)
5. Breathe (Kiko Navarro Classice Re-Edit) by Blaze – Slip N Slide (123)
6. Sanctify (Vincent Kwok’s Lift Me Higher Mix) by Morrison & Vincent Kwok (124)
7. Summer City (Instrumental Dub) by Blackliquid – House Sound of LA (125)
8. Return to Flight (Benji Candelario Mix) by Vicent Kwok – Azucar (126)
9. Let the People (Original Mix) by Allane – Sunshine Records (127)
10. Luminance (Original Mix) by Dave Horne & Gravity – Progressive Grooves (127)
11. For Love (New Mondo’s Touch of Soul Mix) by New Mondo – Azucar (128)
12. What About You (VK’s Vocal Mix) by Nina Lares & Vincent Kwok – Azucar (129)
13. After My Love (Vincent Kwok’s Pumped Up Mix) by Morrison – Azucar (129)
14. 2 Deep In Love by Thierry Thomas – Open Bar Music (130)

To download your free walking mix, visit my Top 10 iTunes Workout Playlist at
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