Thursday, August 20, 2009

Right to Bare Arms: How to Get Michelle Obama's Sexy Shoulders and Awesome Arms

From the covers of Oprah to Vogue Magazine, first lady Michelle Obama has been seen baring her toned, graceful, and athletic arms on more than a few, presidential White House events. Time and again our first lady seems to rock it out at The White House with her rock solid Action Heroine Arms every woman seems to covet these days. She’s made strong, toned, arms sexy, beautifully bold, and SOoo 2009.

The key to getting gracefully strong and beautiful, toned arms is two fold. First, you must weight train to challenge the arm muscles to change, adapt, and grow. Second, you must lose fat, because if you have a layer of fat covering your beautiful, new toned arms, all you will see is the layer of fat.

This CORE TRANSFORMER™ ultimate are shaper move adapted from my friend, Stephanie Vitorino’s soon to be released V Body workout DVD, incorporates both weight training, AND aerobic fat burning. This is a full body compound core cardio sculpting move with a weight resistance emphasis on toning your arms fast. The secret is the 4-point inwardly directed to the core resistance, that constantly places resistance on your arms too.

To view this CORE TRANSFORMER™ ultimate arm shaper move demonstrated by my friend Stephanie Vitorino, visit my FREE digital Magazine, Make Healthy A Lifestyle @

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