Friday, September 12, 2008

A Day of Reflection Post 9/11

After I finished training my morning clients, I decided to carve out a metal health day of reflection for myself.  I took my favorite yoga class with my Yogini girlfriend, Stella Valente, at Equinox Fitness Club in Westwood.  We were a class of all women, twisting, posing, sweating, chanting, and channeling our collective positive female energy for 90 minutes.  It was exactly what my body, mind, and soul needed.

More than a few times, Sarah Pallin's name came up before and after our session.  Strong opinions about a woman's rights to choose rather than be dictated too were repeatedly voiced.  Concerns about the environment were also foremost on everyone's minds.  I do not believe even Hillary Clinton has had this kind of negative, polarizing effect with women.  In fact, Hillary has had quite the opposite positive effect with most women, being an agent for universal health, universal education, freedom of choice, and energy saving measures to protect our planet's limited resources.  

Very interesting times. Seems an overwhelming number of us women are speaking up about Sarah Pallin's view's in places such as a quite, peaceful, little yoga class conducted during the middle of the day in Westwood.  I wonder if the rest of us women across America are speaking about her strong, right-of-center views in their yoga, Pilates, or aerobic classes too?

To all my right and real women sista's across America, I'd like to hear your thoughts.  What do you share and speak about in your exercise classes?  What are your views about Sarah Pallin?  

I invite you to blog me and share your opinions.

Namaste for now...

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