Monday, February 2, 2009

World Shoe Relief: Go Green and Help the Homeless too!

Now you can green your workouts and help the homeless too by recycling your running shoes at Recently as I was buying a new pair of Nike’s at my neighborhood, running store,, I happened asked if they sold any recycled, eco-friendly products. My friend general manager, Linda Sparling, said they take their customers old shoes then, ship them to The World Shoe Relief organization, This organization resoles the shoes then, distributes them to the homeless.

I’d like to ask you to recycle your workout shoes by shipping them to Run the Planet or if you live in the LA area, take them to Front Runners in Brentwood. Let’s start a new, eco-friendly, good Intentions Recycling Running Revolution! And, it’s a tax write off including shipping and mailing—how frugally green is that?

With blessings and abundance,


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