Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Frugal Green Gourmet: Soup First Works for Sharon!

I received a lovely call from a new Sista' friend, Sharon, who purchased my Crunchless DVDs and new SOUPer Slim Diet book.  (Hey Sharon!)  She shared with me that the reasons she purchased the workout DVDs and book were because of my credentials and because she eats soup every day for lunch.  She wanted a diet plan that would not leave her starving or deprived.  Having soup first is emotionally comforting and filling.

If you happen to find my blog in cyberspace, I invite you to share your success stories by blogging me, (or just blog me if you have any other helpful comments for others trying to achieve their weight loss goal and body toning transformation).  

Thanks again Sharon for your beautiful call today.  I am honored and grateful--you made my day!



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