Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eat Soup: Lose Weight and Save Money

Yesterday was an extremely turbulent day in the stock market with the Dow falling over 700 points due to this whole mortgage derivative mess.  The only stock to rise in the Standard & Poor's 500 index was Campbell's Soup Co., which edged up 12 cents to $37.75.  The reasoning is that even if the markets are melting down, and the economy will soon follow, we all still gotta' eat and drink.  At times like this, investors often find refuge in stocks of companies that make basic, low-priced things we need to live.

The bottom line:  Eat soup, save money, and lose weight with the SOUPer Slim Diet Plan.  My SOUPer Slimming Master Vegetable Soup is only 78 Calories per cup so you can eat high volume without stacking on lots of Calories.  You'll be amazed at how few Calories per cup has per serving, compared to store bought brands.  Plus, my soup is just pennies per cup.  In this present economic environment--my soup is a comforting weight loss solution and blessing.


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chamachama said...

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