Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas All. Let's Laugh and Workout Our Abs Too:)!

Hey Everyone,

Wanted to share a couple of my favorite YouTube funny holiday videos, that will hopefully give you a couple gut-belly laughs, and workout your abs too as laughing is a great core exercise:)!

Otherwise, my best-ever, green holiday gift recommendation is to adopt a pet at your local animal shelter.  One of my BFF's did this last week.  Many folks due to the recession are losing their homes and, subsequently, dropping off their pets at the local shelters.  I have two, big fuzzies (cats), Bernie and Sophie, that I adopted years ago.  My nickname for them in Chaos and Mayhem.

Happy Holidays Everyone,


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Dmb2v said...

Het Linda,

Just saw your ad and TV and it took me a few moments to recognize you. We graduated from Art Weltman's UVA Exercise Phys program together. I have been coaching cross country and teaching at a boarding school in Lynchburg, VA since 2006. I have not run any marathons lately but do run and workout and am in pretty good shape. Check out my info at under Faculty and Staff.

With warm regards,

Dave Barton