Saturday, December 6, 2008

Are Your Workouts Working Out for You?

One of the most frequent complaints I hear is that, "My workouts are not working out for me.  I can't seem to lose that last 10 to 20 pounds, and if I do, I quickly gain it back."  So I've decided to develop my Top 10 Home Workout Videos List along with my top recommendations for a few, inexpensive, but versatile and effective pieces of equipment that will give you the best chance to get fit and stay fit.  (I will tell you that my position has always been that fitness fads and gimmicky exercise products usually get pretty poor results and may cause athletic injuries--so save your money and maybe your body, especially your back).

I'd like you to email me at to let me know what are your favorite fitness videos and exercise tools that have gotten and kept you fit.  What has produced lasting results, and what products have not achieved lasting results?  (I'm talking fitness not diets, which may come in a later top recommended blog list).  If Crunchless Abs featuring my SOUPer Slim Meal Plan is a favorite of yours, then, many thanks as this is mine too;)!

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